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Tilt Commit of the Month: November 2019

November Commit of the Month

November’s commit of the month is a0b0213e8b3849f9c4aa7fe48461ed5a7231267f!

This commit allows Tilt to bind to a custom host in addition to a port when it configures port forwards on resources. For example, if you’re running Tilt on a remote virtual machine you could set a port forward like: k8s_resource('foo', port_forwards=''). Or, if you want to accept connections from any host: k8s_resource('foo', port_forwards='').

This enables some cool workflows if you share a network with your team. Imagine iterating with a designer and, seconds after you press “save”, they can see the current state of the page that you’re working on!

Thanks to Denis Olsem for adding this functionality! If you want to contribute to Tilt, we welcome PRs!


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