Big News!  Tilt is joining Docker

Tilt News, June 2021

Happy June Tilt Users! This month’s newsletter contains an invitation to get help with onboarding, a grab-bag of content goodness and an introduction to our newest Tilters!

Introducing Tilt Liftoff

Tilt Liftoff is a new program we’re kicking off designed to help you kick-off a Tilt rollout to your team. You get dedicated engineering support, access to our world-class user research team, and emotional support for when things get tough. Plus, it’s completely free. Check out the details here.

The Future of Software Development

In this tongue-in-cheek 2-minute video, Tilt’s Head of Product Ellen Körbes shows us what the future of software development looks like. With over 100K views, this ahem software development philosophy has really hit a nerve with the dev community, and it shows a cool demo of Tilt’s new API’s capabilities to boot. (See links on the twitter thread for 1080p version and the source code.)

Welcome New Tilters

In May we welcomed two new Tilters, Lizz Thabet and Lucie le Blanc. Lizz joins us as a frontend engineer, while Lucie is a software engineer intern. Feel free to give them a wave on our slack channel.

Tilt Blog’s Latest

We’ve recently started sharing the inside scoops of our development process in the Tilt blog, and it’s been going at full steam.

In Nobody Knows How Many Servers They Need to Run Their App Tilt’s CTO Nick Santos talks about how Tilt’s innards now run on a Kubernetes API server model, and why we think that’s a good idea. And in Three Ways to Run Kubernetes on CI and Which One is Right for You! Nick talks about - well, that one’s pretty self explanatory 😅.

KubeCon Europe 2021

Last month Ellen presented a talk titled Hacking into Kubernetes Security for Beginners alongside Datadog’s System Security Engineer Tabitha Sable.

It takes viewers along for the basic concepts of Kubernetes security, in a narrative format that’s fun to follow and easy to understand. It was a huge hit among the Kubernetes community, and if you’re looking to get started in Kubernetes security, definitely check it out.


Already have a Dockerfile and a Kubernetes config?

You’ll be able to setup Tilt in no time and start getting things done. Check out the docs! 

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