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Tilt News, April 2022

हैलो टिल्टर्स,

Hope you are all getting excited already for next month’s KubeCon EU in sunny Valencia 🍊! This time we sadly won’t have a booth, but keen observers might spot a cameo in a talk at Cloud Native Rejekts, the weekend before KubeCon. Read on to find out more!

Tilt in 17 minutes

Victor Farcic, creator of the DevOps Toolkit made a fantastic video about Tilt, explaining what it does and how to use it in only 17 minutes! If you need some help convincing your coworkers or bosses to give Tilt a try, this is an excellent independent resource!

How Tilt can help you

Work with REPL

Our mission for Tilt is to support our users in their daily work they way that they’re most productive. For many devs that means quick loops where they get to experiment and receive immediate feedback. Check out Nick Siegers latest blog post on a deeper dive, how Tilt supports REPL.

Manage and deliver secrets

Dealing with secrets on Kubernetes can be quite the pain. In our newest blog post, Lian Li discusses three possible solutions to manage secrets consistently and repeatably. And if you want to see a live demo, join her talk at Cloud Native Rejekts!

Keep an eye on your cluster

We’re excited to share with you our newest addition to the Tilt UI: Cluster Status!

A quick peek will show you all important information on your cluster and whether it’s still running. Got any ideas how to further improve and enhance the feature? Let us know!

And that’s it for this month. Thank you all for reading.
This will be my last time writing the newsletter, however there will be a new newsletter host carrying on next month.
I will stay around in the k8s dev tooling space, and can reach out to me on Twitter anytime 🙏‍

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please join our channel in the Kubernetes Slack or message us on Twitter or email 👋

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