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Microservices’ Hidden Problem: Understanding

How many times have you been iterating on code and realized your microservice app was broken, but you weren’t sure where the error was hiding? When we talk to Devs, they say they spend hours each week hunting for the right log line, forced to play 20 questions with kubectl....
Dan Bentley

Can Microservices Make Things Simpler?

When I think about microservices “simple” is not the first word that comes to mind. Quite the opposite, in fact. Microservices have a reputation of increasing complexity, making code sharing difficult and making it hard to develop locally. In the abstract though the idea of microservices seems like it should...
Dan Miller

.dev is a better .io

We’re proud for Tilt to be an early adopter of the .dev domain. Google’s announcement blog post and landing page (the precociously named describe why .dev is a good TLD; I’d like to share why I think .dev is a better TLD. [Quick note on terminology: TLD stands for...
Dan Bentley

How I Built a Simple Static Jekyll Site Without Installing Ruby: A Rant

Sometimes I have to make a static website. It’s 2019. There are great tools to help build static websites. They let you write the content in Markdown and style with SCSS. I want to try Jekyll. It looks cool. I read the install instructions. The first step says: Install a...
Nick Santos

What’s Wrong With Microservice Dev?

Here at Windmill, we talk a lot about how much it sucks to develop on microservices. If you haven’t experienced this pain firsthand, or if you’ve never known anything better, you might wonder what we’re going on about. Well, wonder no more! Here’s a quick overview of a few different...
Maia McCormick

Tilt: a Better UX for Docker Compose

We’ve done a lot of demos of Tilt in the past few months. Sometimes, people’s eyes light up and they say, “That’s exactly the tool I’ve been looking for! Now I can develop against all of my microservices at once, see exactly what’s going on with each of them, and...
Maia McCormick

Should Developers Know about Kubernetes?

That’s a wrap on Kubecon 2018, and on 2018 as a whole. As I reflect on the Kubecon experience, one question stands out: should application developers be aware of Kubernetes? I heard this question asked by cluster operators, developers, and vendors alike. The outcome of this debate will shape the...
Dan Miller

Tilt is the `` Script of my Dreams

I heard Alex Clemmer give a talk at the NYC Kubernetes Meetup a few weeks ago. He started with a slide I loved: “Kubernetes competes with Bash” I immediately knew what he meant. I used to deploy servers by writing lots of Bash. One Bash script to build the image....
Nick Santos

How to Compile Protobufs When You Have Friends Who Want to Use Them Too

I love GRPC, but hate compiling protobufs. Protobufs make me feel productive! I can write a small .proto file that describes my interface. The protobuf compiler will generate all the client/server code that I need. When I want to introduce protobufs into a codebase, I start with a Make rule:...
Nick Santos

Tips & Tricks for Making Your Golang Container Builds 10x Faster

A couple weeks ago, I was wrestling with a bug. Maybe you’ve had a night like this. I was tired, cranky. I probably should have taken a nap. But I felt like I was on the precipice of figuring it out. I Googled around for tools that might help. And...
Nick Santos

4 Strange Loop 2018 Talks You Should Watch

Strange Loop is the only conference I’ve ever been back to. It has a great balance of academic and industry talks aimed at the practitioner with a healthy strain of artistic whimsy running through it all. Here are five talks that I’ve been thinking about since the conference ended: Rosie...
Dan Miller

How Tilt updates Kubernetes in Seconds, not Minutes

When I bring my cat a box of toys, he loves the box and ignores the toys. I wish he’d pay attention to the work I did, but I didn’t let it bother me because he’s a cat. Then I started getting the same reaction from Kubernetes developers. We built...
Dan Bentley

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