Big News!  Tilt is joining Docker

September Commit of the Month

September’s Commit of the Month is 089d99118f3c6123592994e476be200e5eb00f30.

Prior to this commit, Tilt would create a run ID each time it started and use that to associate k8s resources with that invocation of Tilt so we knew which pods to watch (and didn’t pull in logs from old pods, etc.).

This meant that each tilt up would create new YAML with a different run ID. This resulted in Kubernetes tearing down the old pod and re-creating it, even though the only thing that changed was one label.

This commit, building on several before it, removed Tilt’s run IDs and instead uses k8s object owner UID’s to track which resources belong to Tilt. (E.g., we know that deployment X belongs to Tilt; if pod Z belongs to replicaset Y which belongs to deployment X, we know that pod also belongs to Tilt.) Now if a resource hasn’t changed between Tilt runs, we don’t have to do any work.

Thanks Nick!


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