Big News!  Tilt is joining Docker

Tilt News, August 2021

Hey Tilters!

Hard to believe it’s almost September, innit? Welp, we dun got a ton of Tilt-related news for ya!


Resource grouping has arrived! No more scrolling through long lists or services and custom functionality on the sidebar. Now you can group them all in ways that make sense for your application and show & hide them as you please. Check out Lizz’s article on it for more details.

resource grouping demo

More extensibility options! As Tilt’s internal API matures, it’s becoming easier and easier to add functionality to it without having to deal with Tilt’s internal codebase. In this article Nick describes how we created the cancel button extension using nothing but Bash.

If creating new functionality in Tilt is important for your team, definitely check it out!


Two Tilters will be speaking at KubeCon this October! Both talks are tangentially related to Tilt, and mostly about Kubernetes, the ideas behind Kubernetes, and how those ideas can—and should!—affect your life as a developer.

Nick’s talk, The Control Loop As An Application Development Framework, focuses on the Kubernetes ideas and libraries that Tilt is built on top of. The Kubernetes libraries have a lot of tools to help us build robust systems.

L’s talk, Beyond Kubernetes Security, is, well, not exactly a talk. More of a hacking movie. Think Hackers (1995) but with real hacks and even sillier special effects. It’s very, very extra, but there’ll be no rollerblades, unfortunately!

VSCode Extension Prototype

Speaking of things that are very, very extra… We’ve been wanting to experiment with a VSCode extension for a while, and Tilt’s API has now reached a point where a VSCode extension is super easy to build. So we decided to build one, just for fun.

This is definitely not meant for real use just yet—it honks!—but more as a way to assess how much the new API let’s us do. If by any chance you’re interested in a real version of this, smash that reply button :-)

Here’s the very extra overly produced video L made about it, and here’s the link to the VSCode marketplace in case you’d like to download it and try it out. Once again: If this is your jam, do let us know about it!

vscode status


Lastly, if you’re familiar with our to-go example project, Pixeltilt, is has been revamped to feature Tilt’s latest features e.g. buttons and resource groups, and the codebase has been cleaned up and more intuitively commented.

If you’re new at Tilt and wanting to try it out, there has never been a better time to get started! :-)


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