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Tilt News, March 2022

你好 Tilt 用户,

This month, vacation season started at Tilt, so we’re going to have a very brief update.

Updates from the ecosystem

The developer experience on Kubernetes needs attention. More and more engineers are pitching in. VCs are taking notice. While that means tougher competition, in our opinion, this will also improve the quality of the overall ecosystem.
So, we’re excited to congratulate Okteto on their Series A and Signadot on their Seed funding!

If you upgraded Tilt this month, you’ll have more fun

…running containers locally

Many of our users have been experimenting with all kinds of local container orchestration tools to suit their individual needs. Since we last wrote about Rancher Desktop, a lot has changed. In this blog post, Milas gives us a rundown of different container runtimes with Rancher Desktop.

…sharing Tiltfile best practices

Our vision for Tilt is to make developers’ lives easier. But we don’t stop at individual engineers. Because we believe that sharing is caring, Nick has written this blog post to explain how you can share your custom Tilt magic in a private extensions library.

…running subsets of resources

Just a couple of weeks ago, we released the Disable Resources Feature. With that in place, teams and individual devs can now create a catalog of resources, tailored to their specific requirements and workflows. Spinning up only the resources you need, while still being able to bring up disabled resources with just one click is now a breeze.

…defining dev environments with Pulumi scripts

One of the reasons why we think Tilt is great, is because it easily integrates with other tools. With the new Pulumi extension, you can speed up dev cycles on your Pulumi apps with little effort.

…and writing Tiltfiles

Working with your Tiltfile should be fun, not tiresome. To that end, we recently released the Snippet Library to get you started in no time.
But also, more seasoned Tilters should not have to remember or constantly look up function signatures and the likes. Therefore, we are proud to present our official VS Code extension for Tiltfiles.

The extension is currently still in alpha stage, so you might encounter some issues here and there. We appreciate all bug reports and feature requests to our GitHub repo.

Behind the scenes

Once in a while, we get together virtually to share some laughs and play some games. This time we tried a remote version of the telephone game in which each player has to either paint from a written prompt or describe the image they’re given or recreate an image from memory.
Highlights below:

We had an absolute blast playing this and can highly recommend it to other remote teams.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please join our channel in the Kubernetes Slack or message us on Twitter or email 👋

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